Advice for first time flying

First time flying

For the first time flying can be quite frightening and exciting for most people. You can make a pleasant flight by following some simple rules. Do not forget! To date, no airplane remained in the sky. You will surely descend to the earth somehow.

For someone who has never flown, the first flight is an exciting event. And it is not unusual for anticipation and excitement to mingle with a little fear. But when the passenger knows what to expect, he actually sees that flying is not frightening.

Whoever has his first flight is often very excited. After all, it is not trivial that many people travel by plane. And all the processes that take place before, during and after the flight can be quite confusing. But do not worry: it’s not so difficult! For all those who fly for the first time, we will describe a complete flight – from the arrival at the departure airport from the destination airport!

Flight preparation

Buy Airline tickets

There is always an intense competition between airline companies. Therefore you have the chance to buy cheap air tickets with good research. Do not be fooled by the airline offers. These treats usually cost you too much. Once you have made your choice, you can purchase your flight ticket on the internet or at a travel agency. For airplane tickets you receive over the Internet, your mobile phone message and ID are very important for the operations at the airport. These are required for check-in.


Airline Baggage

You can take two types of luggage with you for air travel. These are called passenger baggage and hand baggage. The passenger baggage is transported in the special compartment of the aircraft and you will receive the delivery after the flight. Up to 15-20 kg of passenger baggage is usually transported free of charge. You pay a fee per kilogram for overload.

Hand luggage is smaller. Airline companies generally accept luggage as 55x40x23 cm in size and 8 kg in weight. If you have any health problems, report it to the cabin attendant and keep your medication in your hand luggage.

Do not store any liquid on your luggage, especially on international flights.

How Early Should I Get to the Airport?

If you are flying in the country, be at the airport 1 hour before your flight. You should be at the airport at least 2 hours before for international flights.


Check-in is done in two ways, online and standard. Online Check-in can save you a great deal of time.

How do I use online check-in?

You need to have your ticket before online check-in. The online check-in service starts at 24 or 72 hours before your flight and can last up to 45 or 60 minutes. To check in online, you must enter the airline’s website from which you have bought your ticket from the internet and click on the online check-in tab. You enter your PNR code and name-surname information in the drop-down box. If the company allows seat selection, you will be able to select your seat and complete your transaction. For some companies, you can complete your meal selection and additional baggage allowance at this stage.

Standard check-in is at the airport. You will take the necessary actions by going to the office of the company where you get your ID and baggage and your flight ticket.

After check-in

The check-in procedures determine which door you will be taking, a baggage receipt and the number of seats you will be sitting on. This information is given to you in your ticket and baggage slip. Keep your ID and passport ready. Proceed to the door number on your ticket for security check.

Move towards the plane

After passing the safety check, proceed to the door on your flight card. After checking the door number, destination and flight number, wait for them to take you to the plane. Passengers are not allowed to walk on the runway, especially at large airports. The officers at the door will help you to board the plane when the time comes. Just follow their direction. Keep your flight card and identity card ready for you.

Traveling on the plane

Find the seat to sit on using the number on your ticket. Never sit on other seats, even if it is empty.

Place your hand luggage in the cabinets on the seats after you have sat on your seat. The rules to be followed on the aircraft, how many hours the journey will take, the departure and landing from the plane, the weather at your destination will be notified. After that, you can enjoy your flight by listening to the announcements.

There may be turbulences during air travel. Turbulence can lead to a short shake of the plane, but this is not dangerous.

While the aircraft is landing, there may be some shaking due to factors such as the condition of the runway, the location of the aircraft to the runway, the weather conditions, and the plane speed. You don’t need to be afraid.

Getting off the plane

When you get off the plane, don’t stand up and try to get out. Gently open your belt first, check your belongings and luggage. Then get out of the door closest to you.

Have a nice flight…

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