Going abroad for the first time advice

What Should I do Before Travelling Abroad?

Traveling abroad for the first time is usually quite stressful. There are a lot of questions in mind:

What should be done for the first time abroad? What should we take with us before traveling abroad? What should be in our bag when traveling abroad? With whom, how should we communicate?

We have prepared the overseas travel guide for you:

– Set your budget according to the currency of the country you are going to.

– Take medications such as painkillers, stomach pills, muscle relaxants, which you can use when necessary. It can be difficult and expensive to obtain these drugs abroad.

– Always have a powerbank with you.

– It will be useful to learn the daily dialogue words of the language of your destination country. Learn simple dialogues such as “hello”, “thanks”, “yes”, “no”, “please”, “how much”, “do you know english”.

– Always carry cash on you.

– Avoid buying foreign currency at the airport, prefer banks. Banks give foreign exchange at more favorable prices.

– If you don’t have a car or people to pick you up at the airport, explore the easiest and most affordable means of transport from the airport to your destination. Metro, bus or uber options are the cheapest and reliable ones.

– Pay attention to the dimensions of the luggage. Don’t pay 50-100 dollars for just a few pounds of luggage. You can obtain information from airline websites.

– Secure your passport, wallet and phone. Keep in mind that even in the richest countries there have been a lot of theft.

– Distances within airports can be very far, so start walking 15 minutes before the exit door.

– Have the address and contact details of your destination country. These can be requested from you upon arrival. Visa does not guarantee entry into the country. Officers can send you back to your country at any time.

– Download the maps.me app to your phone. This is a very handy map. Hospital, pharmacy, market, police, toilet, important places etc. shows the location of everything.

– Have health insurance abroad and have the insurance policy with you.

– If you are going to change the city and country during your trip, plan ahead with what to do. Do not leave the ticket to the last day.

– Don’t trust anyone who comes close to you and is very warm. Be polite but skeptical. Do not accept invitations immediately.

– Ask for advice from tourist offices at airports or city centers. These offices will help you with your trip program.

– Let your clothes be like tourists, not immigrants. People’s behavior varies according to your image.

– Remember to specify a suitable phone rate for overseas use. Find out about the availability of your line in the countries you are going to.

– The restaurants you will go to usually have an English menu. Do not eat food that you are not sure about. Stay away from street meals.

– Shop from places such as Carrefour express. Such places are much cheaper.

– Especially in Europe, soda consumption is very high. Shake the bottle while receiving water.

– Download apps such as rome2rio, maps.me, railplanner, tripadvisor, booking.com to your phone. These apps can help you find rental rooms and hotels.

– Do not buy souvenirs from the first place you see immediately, there are often cheaper places.

– Especially in countries such as South American countries, balkans and countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, there are places that are very dangerous and high crime rates. Don’t walk away from the main streets. Stay away from side streets and unfamiliar places.

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