How would you describe God?

What does God mean to you?

– We were asked to believe in God and heaven, but we did not see God or heaven.

Our destiny will be determined by this conviction and our good works.

Why did God test hard for us?

Even though God knows what is in our hearts and what each of us could do, he tests us and wants us to see the results of our own tests to admit that we have been fairly rewarded for our achievements. record in the test results.

Before the rich father distributes his fortune, he may want to record which son is obedient. The records are not for the father who knows, but as testimony for those who can challenge the justice of his father.

Although the wise teacher knows the student who is working and the lazy student, he prepares regular examinations as a testimony so that students do not say that the teacher has favored some students over others. The exams also encourage students to prepare for success

We did not create the gifts of sight, intelligence, conscience, and many other gifts. Those who can see miracles in all that surrounds them and in their own creation, and then deny the existence of God, must be wrong.

There are many verses in Judaism, Christianity and Islam to teach that God created everything in heaven and on earth. There are many other verses to teach that we are here for the test and that there is a life after death.

God sent prophets to inform people that he had created everything and refined everything for them as a father who prepares a good environment for his children to live.

The wife and husband who enjoy a happy family life and do not thank God for marital happiness and the gifts of healthy children should be arrogant for having denied the gifts of God.

They did not create the happiness of love; they did not create children; The beautiful woman does not create her beauty, she could have been created ugly; the healthy husband does not create his health; He could have been created sick or blind.

When the father brings many gifts to his children, he loves the grateful son who appreciates and does not like the child too busy with gifts to thank the father for these gifts.

If the unbeliever wants strong evidence of God’s existence (like seeing that God or someone should be raised from the dead), life will no longer be a harsh environment.

Even if this miracle happens, unbelievers may not be convinced and find other excuses to justify their disbelief.

Those who can see miracles in everything around them and in their own creation, then deny the existence of God, may not believe even if someone rises from the dead.

In Luke 16: 19-31, Jesus taught the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus, and explained that if they did not listen to Moses and the prophets, they would not be convinced if anyone would rise from among the dead.

“And even if we had sent them to them, if the angels and the dead spoke to them and gathered all that was in front of them, they would not believe if God did not, but most of them are Ignorant “Qur’an 6: 111

Some people ask: what god?

No other God has notified us that He created us and everything in the universe.

The following verses and teachings were revealed by the god of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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No other God has notified us that He has given us sight, conscience, reasoning. and an unlimited number of gifts.

– Something unexpected happened. In fact, I began to feel the presence of God in my life. I began to receive answers to my prayers: first I faint, like a feeling of peace, then much more clearly. I began to feel as if my eyes were open, as if I had lived my life without glasses or contact lenses, then I put them on and everything was focused. I began to see how parts of the world were struggling with an absolute criterion of good and evil.

It’s hard to explain, but I felt a light shine in my soul. I change my life.

– I had to ask him in a moment to calm down, lest what I was going to kill me. I just could not contain it. And at that time, I promised him that no matter what would happen to me all my life, I would never stop believing in him, just because of what had happened that night.

–  What is the value of life if we do not know the purpose of this life?

It is the greatest good for a person to discuss virtue every day … because unexamined life is not worth it, Socrates.

Our life on earth is a very short period compared to the time scale of the universe; It could be a temporary trial period.

God tests us in our short life on earth; The rich father has the right to prove his children before distributing wealth.

Test missions should not be easy and comfortable.

Test questions should not be known in advance.

Our life on earth is a very short period compared to the time scale of the universe; It could be a temporary trial period.

– I know God because I learned that I knew God.

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God, the heavens show their know-how, day after day, they keep talking, night after night, they make it known, they speak without a sound or a word, their voice is never heard, disappeared in all the earth, and his words to the whole world “. (Ps 19.1-4)

“They know the truth about God because he explained it to him, since the world was created, people have seen the earth and the sky, and through all that God has done, they can clearly see their qualities invisible: their eternal power and their divine nature, so they have no excuse for not knowing God, yes, they knew God, but they would not worship Him as God and would not thank Him. “(Rom 1: 19 -21)

All that God has created knows God, He created them to know Him. Not only to know it but also to declare it. All creation in her, nature, declares and proclaims God. Man is created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, in his nature, man declares and proclaims God. Man knows God inexcusably.

The idea that some people do not know God is a lie of the devil. And unfortunately, the man has come to believe this lie. The experience is excellent and wonderful, but you do not need to have an experience to know God. The truth is that you already know God. It is death (spiritual death) that made us die in this internal knowledge. This knowledge is there, but the charity made us ignore it.

We become Christians not because we suddenly know God, but because now we are listening to God. “Because no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up on the last day.” As it is written in the scriptures, “All will be taught of God”. All who hear the Father and learn from him that He is coming to me. “(John 6: 44-45)

People can forget the experience, logic can be countered and traditions can become boring. But if you learn to wake up to that, knowing that you will never fall or step back. Christians must learn to know God because we know that we know that we know God. Not because the idea seems logical or because you have experience.

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