The most delicious turkish foods

Popular Turkish Food Dishes

Turkish cuisine essay very tasty. Turkısh food recipe consists of various techniques. Turkish cuisine presentation is quite impressive. Turkish cuisine is now known for its delicious dishes all over the world. Turkish food is high calorie. The most popular Turkish dishes are mainly meat, tomato paste, spices and pastries. Turkish food is a mixture of eastern and western culture. eating mainly vegetables and plants in Turkey’s western regions are more common. In the eastern regions, meat, spices and pastry dishes are mostly consumed.

Here are the most delicious Turkish dishes :

1- Turkısh Doner Kebab

2- Pide ve Lahmacun (Turkısh Pizza)

3- Turkish water pastry (Su boregi)

4- Baked Potato (Kumpir)

5- Meatballs (Kofte)

6- Menemen

7- Iskender kebab

8- Turkish pasty (Mantı)

9- Gozleme

10- Kuzu Tandir

11- Stuffed leaves (Sarma)

12- Turkish haricot bean (Kuru fasulye)

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