The 7 Best Antique Shops In Turkey

Turkey’s ancient treasures

Turkey is a very interesting country for antique enthusiasts. This country, which is a bridge between East and West, has always been the home of great civilizations throughout history. Anatolia, ancient Hittite, Sumerian, from the Roman period to the Ottoman Empire is filled with the remains of the world’s largest civilizations. It is possible to find a historical relic in almost every city. You can get very nice antiques from Turkey but to pay attention to legal procedures and counterfeit products. Also don’t forget to bargain.

We have prepared a list of the best antique dealers from different cities of Turkey for you.

1- Sofa, Cagaloglu, Istanbul

Just outside the Nurosmaniye Gate of the Grand Bazaar, Sofa is almost more a museum than a shop. It can be argued that most visitors to Istanbul are not in the market for Greek and Russian 19th century orthodox icons, Ottoman miniatures and priceless book lights, but it is a must for those who are. Icons are often unusual examples of late Ottoman productions, and miniatures and illuminations illustrate everything from mythological scenes to Ottoman sultans. Owner Kashif Bey has also created a fantastic collection of Turkish, Ottoman and Islamic art ranging from signet rings, filigree carvings and maps of the region, including prints, Ottoman landscapes and portraits, and huge art books. Although none of this is cheap, Sofa has created an enviable reputation for collectors looking for unique historical artefacts.

2- Kemeraltı Bazaar –  Konak, İzmir

Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is one of the most touristic places of İzmir, is also possible to find a wide variety of products. The most remarkable places in this bazaar are authentic shops where antique products are sold. Kemeraltı Bazaar, visitors with historical texture, museums and inns collects admiration. In the Kemeraltı Bazaar it is possible to find a documents and articles belonging to the Ottoman period, books, glass and silverware, old photographs and historical weapons. Even if you don’t shop, you can have a pleasant time with hospitable tradesmen and cheerful people.

3- Kadıkoy Antique Bazaar – Istanbul

The antique shop market in Kadikoy, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, is an antique dealer with international reputation. In this market you can find many antiques from the eastern and western culture. The antiques are very varied and quite good quality. You can get interesting information about antiques from the specialist dealers of the bazaar.

4- Nilufer Antique Bazaar – Bursa

This is an open-air market that is only established on certain days. This antique market, which was founded under the leadership of Bursa Nilufer Municipality, is a place where antique enthusiasts meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month. This bazaar consists of antique dealers from Bursa and surrounding cities. Due to antique shops from different regions, it is possible to find a wide variety of antique items. In this market you can find hand-painted mirrors, paintings, glass and ceramic products, copper design products and artifacts made on wood.

5- Uskudar Antique Bazaar – İstanbul

The oldest antique dealers in Istanbul are in Üsküdar. Most of the antique dealers who have been standing for almost half a century are the indigenous people of Istanbul. It is possible to find many items dating to the Ottoman period.

6- Ayvalık Antique Bazaar – Balıkesir

You can have a holiday in Ayvalik, which is a charming holiday destination and you can buy wonderful antiques. This bazaar does not have as much content as the bazaars in major cities but the quality of the product is quite adequate. You can find many antiques such as old clothes, weapons, jewelry, copper items and household items in this market. Especially in the market where foreign tourists have high interest, the most sought after products are hand-worked local items.

7- Pirinc Han Antique Bazaar – Ankara

Pirinc Khan has been hosting antique dealers for a long time. You may be very interested in antiques found here. In the 17th century, caravans stayed in this place and now there are antique shops. When you enter the bazaar, you will be welcomed by a building with potted flowers and gramophones hanging from its windows. It is possible to find rare pieces in Pirinc Han.

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