Why the Jews are so rich?

The secret of the success of the Jews

Most of the major companies in the world belong to the Jews. There are many world-renowned Jews in the fields of science and art. The population of Jews is very low compared to other nations. 1.2 billion Chinese, 1.1 billion Indians, 300 million Arabs live all over the world. However, there are only 15 million Jews in the world. Jews are very few, but why are they so rich?

Here are the secrets of the Jews’ wealth :

– Jews do not bother to own land and concentrate on trade. The Jews founded the state of Israel for ideological reasons.

– The best economic system for Jews is capitalism. Jews have a traditional entrepreneurial tendency. They know how to take advantage of profitable business opportunities. They’re organized quickly. Economic competition is advantageous for Jews.

– Jews are particularly successful in America. Because the fortress of capitalism is America. 100 of the 300 richest people in America are Jewish. The Jewish population is only 1.9% in America.

– Interest is the most dirty wealth of the Jews. The majority of the world financial sector is in the hands of Jews. While Islam and Catholic Christianity have banned interest for centuries, Jews have exploited people’s earnings by turning this situation into an opportunity. This subject is mentioned in the Qur’an. (See also Nisa 160-161) The Vatican administration in the middle ages and the kings, on the other hand, cast a ban on interest on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have done many things with the Jewish usurers.

– While other nations were busy killing each other in wars, the Jews specialized in trade. They even turned these battles into profitable opportunities.

– They attach great importance to business discipline and quality.

– They are in close cooperation, especially in commercial matters. In the cities they live, the majority of the Jews know each other.

– The quality of education for Jews is very important. They do not hesitate to make big expenses for education.

– They often look honest about product quality, payments, shopping, but they resort to sneaky tricks in marketing and advertising.

– No matter how rich they are, they do not usually have a very exaggerated life.

– When a dispute arises, they do not give up immediately, they try to find a middle way.

– They do all kinds of research about their work.

– Jews give importance to contracts and written agreements in their work.

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