Myths and truths about dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

It is annoying, it generates problems of self-esteem and it is difficult to eradicate. Here, what you have to know to know the origin of the problem and give battle.

You only have dandruff if you are sensitive to the main causes, and you can be sensitive or not. It is not something that can be contagious like a cold or the flu virus. If you are sensitive to the combination of Malassezia and oils from the scalp, your body responds by accelerating the production of skin cells and this causes an excess of skin that accumulates and becomes scales.

What is dandruff?

The upper layer of the skin of the scalp (the epidermis), like that of the rest of the body, are in general dead cells, which gradually disperse and are replaced by cells from the lower layers. When there is an increase in the regular loss of cells from the surface of the skin, the cells can group together to produce visible scales known as dandruff, or according to their clinical name Pityriasis capitis.

What causes dandruff?

As the skin grows, the epidermal cells are pushed out where they end up dying and fall like scales on the head. In most people, these leaflets are too small to be visible. However, certain conditions can cause the rate of change of the cells to be unusually fast, being especially common in the scalp. In people with dandruff, the skin cells can die and be replaced about once every two weeks; unlike people without dandruff in whom it takes about a month. The result is that the dead cells fall into large blocks that appear as small pieces of grayish omanchas on the scalp.

Does dandruff have a cure?

Dandruff is a chronic problem. With the use of anti-dandruff products, a good diet and with the control of stress, dandruff can be controlled. One of the main causes of dandruff is the fungus Malassezia furfur , which naturally occurs on the skin and is very difficult to eliminate completely.

Dandruff has no cure, but has periods of improvement when a shampoo is used to control dandruff frequently, accompanied by a healthy diet and good control of stress.

The dandruff hiding?

Dandruff is not contagious because the microorganism that causes it is present on the scalp of all people, both those with a healthy scalp and those who do not.

Is dandruff hereditary?

The tendency to develop dandruff can be inherited.

Is dandruff synonymous with lack of hygiene?

The formation of dandruff is related to various factors-the Malazzeziafurfur, sebaceous glands, weak scalp-regardless of hygiene. The cleaning helps to remove but the dandruff continues to appear.

Is dandruff a symptom of poor diet?

One of the causes of dandruff is a low vitamin E diet.

Does dandruff have seasonal effects or does it appear all year?

There is no scientific study to prove that winter causes an increase in dandruff.   However, we must take into account some factors that contribute to the increase of dandruff at this time of year, such as the low frequency of washing that can contribute to the accumulation of sebum on the scalp and to the accumulation of dead skin flakes and wash the hair with very hot water, which causesquickness and desquamation of the scalp.

Why is it recommended to continue using dandruff control products once it is no longer visible?

Since dandruff has no cure and can be re-formed, it is recommended to use dandruff control products not only to control visible dandruff but also to prevent it from reappearing, that is, preventively.

Is dandruff different in men and women?

Man is more prone to having a greater production of sebum in his glands, causing in this way a more oily scalp and therefore a more oily hair. This could lead to the appearance of dandruff. In addition, the man has a weaker scalp which increases his tendency to develop dandruff.

Can excessive use of certain types of hair products cause dandruff?

No, the excessive use of hair products such as gel, mousses, foams or sprays leaves residue similar to dandruff but it is not.

Is dandruff more rewarding in dark hair than in light hair?

There is no scientific study to prove the existence of a type of hair more susceptible to dandruff. However, we must bear in mind that the oily scalp is more prone to the appearance of dandruff because it provides a favorable environment-hot and humid-to develop the propagation of the fungus Malassezia Furfur. However, any type of scalp or hair can develop the visible caspa. It is worth mentioning that dandruff is more noticeable only in contrast to colors in dark hair.

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