The risk of death in thyroid surgery

Is thyroid surgery dangerous?

Thyroid disease is growing rapidly all over the world. Thyroid disease is more common in people living close to industrial areas.

Thyroid surgery risk of death is especially a concern for patients and their relatives. Of course no surgery is completely safe or risk-free. Unpredictable complications can occur even in the simplest surgery. Therefore, we need to look at general statistics about surgeries. According to statistics, thyroid surgery mortality rate is low. Thyroid surgeries are usually not seen as high-risk. The majority of patients with thyroid surgery return healthy to their homes.

  Thyroid symptoms

Of course, not all risks are limited to surgery. Care after thyroid surgery is very important. For example, smoking after thyroid surgery may be a form of suicide. There are many toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. A patient with thyroid surgery has not yet recovered from their wounds, and therefore exposure to cigarette smoke will have very bad consequences. No matter how successful the operation is, the mistakes that occur after it can ruin everything.

One of the most important issues to be considered about thyroid surgery is whether the surgery decision is correct. While most patients can recover with medication, thyroid surgery is sometimes caused by a doctor’s fault and sometimes by their hastiness.

When is thyroid surgery required?

If radioactive iodine therapy and medication treatments are not successful,

If hyperthyroidism cannot be controlled by drugs,

If large nodules cause shortness of breath,

If the thyroid gland overgrows and the patient complains in this case,

A suspicion of cancer in the thyroid gland or nodules greater than 3 cm,

In these cases, doctors usually decide on thyroid surgery.

Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

When is the patient discharged after a thyroid surgery?

The duration of hospitalization after thyroid surgery is usually short. After a successful operation, the patient is examined by the doctor. If there are no complications, the patient is discharged within 2-3 days.

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