All about Ottawa

Where is Ottawa?

Ottawa is Canada’s capital and the fourth largest city. Located in the Ottawa Valley, the city is at the southeastern tip of the state of Ontario and is on the border with the province of Québec. The city of Gatineau, located in Ottawa and Québec across the river, forms the National Capital Region.

Ottawa location

Ottawa population

Ottawa is a medium-sized city.

Population Of Ottawa : 934.240

Demographics of Ottawa

There’s a big French community in Ottawa. Two languages are spoken in this city.


Ethnicity Population Rate  %
Canadian 463,280 44,09
French 272,085 25,89
English 200,900 19,11
Irish 183,130 17,24
Scots 125,215 14,48
German 63,290 6,02
Italian 37,435 3,56

 Ottawa weather

The city of Ottawa is located on the north of the American continent. Therefore, winters are quite cold. You can see the daily weather of Ottawa here.

Ottawa senators

Ottawa Senators is a popular hockey team in the Northeast Group in NHL. Was established in 1992. Ottawa Senators web site

Ottawa University

Ottawa University’s ranking Best Colleges 2019 edition: Regional Colleges Mid-West, 44. Fee and fees $ 29,690 (2018-19). The University of Ottawa is known for its high quality education. Ottawa University web site

Ottawa Tourism

Ottawa tourism events

Life in ottawa

Ottawa is a city with a high income levels. Quality of life is high.

If you enjoy sports activities, then Ottawa will be an excellent choice. Numerous sports can be easily reached in both winter and summer. Bike trails are very long, parks, beaches, mountaineering, caves, nature walks, lakes, rivers, fish hunt … All in Ottawa.

Ottawa agreement

The Ottawa agreement entered into force on 1 March 1999. This treaty is against the growing landmines problem in the world; contract on the prohibition and disposal of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel landmines.

Places to visit in ottawa

In Ottawa you can enjoy history, art and nature. This city pleases visitors of all ages with its colorful and lively atmosphere. The Ottawa museums exhibit innovative Canadian artworks, a blend of British, French and local arts. In Ottawa, there are wildlife parks with spectacular views. In winter you can participate in festivals and ice skating. Fairmont Laurier Castle, Bytown Museum and Ottava Prison are exciting buildings. Places to see in ottawa

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