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Google most searched words mexico 2018

Mexicans searched for very interesting words on google. Almost any doubt can be solved by Google, one of the most popular search engines worldwide. This year, the company has announced the search trends in Mexico. In 2018, the Russian World Cup and the electoral process led the searches, but the most popular character was Freddie Mercury, after the premiere of the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

In the “What …?” Category, Mexicans searched for the seas and oceans with which the Mediterranean Sea communicates, as well as the complete list of countries that have won the World Cup. The linguistic doubts occupied this list: “What is a textual quote?” And “What are adverbs?” Were two of the most frequent doubts in this list. “How do animals care for their young?” Was the most sought-after question in Mexico, followed by culinary doubts such as the capirotada recipe, a typical dessert from the north of the country.

The election process was one of the most important trends in Google in 2018. The results of the presidential election and doubts about the debates among the candidates for the presidency marked a tendency, in addition to “Movimiento naranja”, the electoral spot I could get out of my head at the beginning of the year, played by the wixárika boy Yuawi López. Andrés Manuel López Obrador was one of the people with the highest search tendencies, although Margarita Zavala and Ricardo Anaya were also , although at the end of the list.

According to Google, these were the search trends in Mexico during 2018.


  1. World 2018


  1. Electoral results of Mexico


  1. Freddie Mercury


  1. Andrés Manuel López Obrador


  1. Fortnite


  1. Croatia


  1. Good End 2018


  1. Presidential Debate 2018


  1. Orange Movement


  1. Guatemala




  1. With what seas and oceans does the Mediterranean Sea communicate?


  1. Which countries have won the soccer world cup?


  1. What is a textual quote?


  1. What is a stereotype?


  1. What good is the pouch for the opossums?


  1. What are adverbs?


  1. What is a conflict?


  1. What is an instruction?


  1. What is a library?


  1. What is a verb?




  1. How do animals care for their young?


  1. How can solar energy be used?


  1. How to make a balance?


  1. How to make capirotada?


  1. How to vote?


  1. How to make a kite?


  1. How do the muscles work to make a movement or turn?


  1. How is the Day of the Dead celebrated?


  1. How to make a mental map?


  1. What are the names of planets that do not have natural satellites?

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