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Looking for Trail camera advice? Are you hesitant to choose the Trail camera?

We have prepared a detailed and updated list of the best selling trail camera models in the world market. In this list you will see the detailed specifications and prices of trail cameras. (Trail cameras are divided into two groups as infrared and flash. To find out which kind of trail camera will be suitable for you, please click here.)

All of the products on our list consist of the most preferred trail cameras in the world market.

Some trail camera models are sold under various names and brands. These are outsourced devices. Some of these trail cameras are as good as some of the well-known brands. We have included some of these products in the list of best-selling trail cameras.

Top selling trail cameras list:

1- Suntek HC 300M

Price: 55-70 $


The HC 300M is one of the best-selling trail cameras in recent years. This trail camera is one of the top sellers, but it’s also one of the most complained products. The device’s sms-mms transfer feature is not compatible with the gsm operators of some countries. The image transfer program is quite laborious and complicated. Also frequently interrupted. Some of these Trail cameras are very high quality but some of them can be seen in various faults.

This trail camera is often sold under the Sun-Tek brand name. But some sites can be sold under different brand name or without brand. The products have different qualities and can be sold under the name of different brands show that the production is done by different companies.

The HC 300M has always been featured in the list of sold trail cameras. This is mainly due to the fact that it is almost one-third cheaper than trail cameras with the same features.


Price: 220-250 $

Spypoint is known for its high quality products. Link-Evo has sms-mms image transfer feature. Material quality, 12 mp photo shoot, hd video, 0.3 seconds trigger speed is very good.This trail camera is remarkable with its powerful motion sensor up to 30 meters. The side antenna can cause problems when using it with the trail camera security box.

3- SunTek HC-700G

Price: 220-250 $

HC-700G is one of the best models of Sun-Tek, which is known for its cheap and functional products. This trail camera has sms-mms image transfer feature. The HC-700G is a serious competitor to expensive products with a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, 16 mp photos, 1080p hd video, 3G functions.

4- Outlife HT-001 940nm

Price: 20-25 $

Outlife HT-001 is one of the cheapest Trail cameras you can find. This product has very high sales figures. Despite the price, the shooting quality is quite good. 8 mp photos, hd video, 1.1 seconds trigger speed is very good compared to the price. There is no screen or setting button on this trail camera. All settings are made by remote control. This feature can be a bit annoying. Difficult to do proper adjustment.

5- Bushnell Trophy Cam 119599C2

Price: 400-450 $


One of the first brands to come to mind about the Trail camera is Bushnell. Bushnell is an American company but the production is in China. Bushnell trail cameras are quite good quality but the prices are a bit high. This trail camera sms, mms, e-mail transfer is one of the most successful products. This product has high image quality and battery life.0.3 seconds trigger speed and 30 meters effective motion sensor is quite good. The price of this product is high, but with the Bushnell guarantee and the advantage of long-term trouble-free operation, it is worth the money.

6- Outlife 4G

Price: 170-190 $

This product, which has reached a good sales figure in recent years, makes a difference with its 4G image transfer feature. But there is an important issue to consider about the use of 4G. The use of 4G varies by country. Available in various versions such as America, Europe, Australia, China. Buy a compatible model for GSM operators in your country. Contact the seller for more information.

 7- HC-800LTE 4G

Price: 150-170 $

The HC-800LTE trail camera features 4G image transmission. This device does not have an antenna. This can be a problem especially in mountainous areas. The demand for this trail camera is quite high, the user reviews are generally positive. The HC-800LTE is a highly useful trail camera with fast triggering, 16 mp photos and HD video shooting functions. Please pay attention to the model code when purchasing this product. Make sure that the product you purchased is HC-800LTE. This product has the same appearance as HC-800A and Lixada.

8- PR-100

Price: 30-45 $

PR-100 is a trail camera that is sold under various names and brands and has high sales figures. This trail camera comes with a card reader. You make the settings of the Trail camera through the program in the card reader. This trail camera has 12 mp photos and 1080p video quality. It has very good features compared to its price.

9- HD S880G 3G

Price: 140-165 $

The HD S880G is a trail camera that attracts attention with its 3G image transfer feature. This trail camera sales in the world market is quite high. This product is extremely robust and high quality. 12 MP photos and 1080p videos quite enough. The settings of the Trail camera are made with the menu buttons and the LCD display. Unlike similar devices, the operation with only 4 pen batteries is negative for battery life.

10- RD 103

Price: 65-80 $

The RD1003 is a classic trail camera that is always on the top of the list of best sellers. This product is an efficient model that meets the minimum requirements. With 1 second trigger speed, 720p video and long battery life, it performs well for all your work.

11- Browning Dark Ops Pro

Price: 165-180 $


Browning Dark Ops Pro, Records HD video with audio for up to 2 minutes. Although it works with 6 batteries, it can take high quality pictures for a long time. It has a 1.5 “Color Viewer display. The price is suitable for most users, compared to other trail camera prices.

Image quality proves that this camera is of good quality. The photos taken in the day are excellent. Color, clarity and depth are quite impressive. Night pictures are above average, but images have a little graininess. This product is equipped with 80 ‘detection range, video resolution 1296×720, Dual Lens 24MP, 1080p HD video, 0.3-second trigger speed.

12- Stealth Cam G42

Price: 45-55 $

The Stealth Cam G42 is a low-priced but advanced camera. It has a HD camera with a maximum length of 180 seconds. The trigger speed is 0.5 seconds. Night vision is supported by 42 black IR emitters. With LCD display. A backlit, easy-to-light menu with programmable inputs for the image. The SD card supports up to 32 GB. It can be password protected from unauthorized use.

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