How to increase the Trail camera battery life?

Trail camera battery life

Trail cameras are often left in the same spot for a long time and often away, placed in places difficult to reach, this point may not be able to go at any moment, so that the long battery life of your trail camera is very important.

There are differences between models and brands in Trail cameras battery life. For example, the battery life of flash models is very short, and in infrared models, the battery life is quite long. However, the device type alone does not determine the battery efficiency. Factors such as the settings you make, the mode you use, the season can dramatically change the battery life of the trail cameras.

Important: Do not use rechargeable batteries with Trail cameras. The battery life of the rechargeable batteries is very low.

Factors affecting battery life for Trail cameras:

1- Use mode for Trail cameras determines the battery life. 1 year in photo mode and 2 months in video mode can run out of battery. In video mode, you can never expect a long battery life as much as in photo mode.

2- One of the most important factors in battery life is the season that you use the trail camera. Battery life varies between seasons. Summer battery life is twice as long as winter. For this reason, it is imperative that you consider the seasons in your studies.

3- The number of day and night shots is one of the factors affecting battery life. More energy is consumed as extra light is required during the night. The battery will run out more quickly in areas with more mobility at night.

How to adjust the Trail camera to extend battery life?

The settings we make to increase the battery efficiency are very important. The length of the shooting times and the interval (interval between two shots) setting are the factors that most affect the battery life.

In photo mode, the optimal interval time is between 3-7 seconds. If you want a series image (3 photos), set interval time of 5 seconds and above.

In video mode, the optimal interval time should be between 10-15 seconds and the video length should be between 30 and 40 seconds.

Do not leave the Trail camera in more than 4 months in winter mode and more than 2 months in video mode.

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