How to use the Trail camera?

Using Trail Cameras

– Almost all of the trail cameras have a 3-stage control panel, off, on, and menu. Shooting is not under your control after the ” on ” position is activated. All the management is now in the motion sensor. So when you turn on the ” on ” position, you must move away from the trail camera as soon as possible. The front of the machine doesn’t need to see you, it detects you from all directions within 15-20 meters. For this reason, make sure to make sure that you have set all the settings of the trail camera. This will prevent the Trail camera from making unnecessary shots.

– If you leave the Trail camera outdoors, you must use a security box.

                        Trail camera security box

You can make or buy the security box yourself.

– Most of the trail cameras are made of durable material, lightweight, resistant to impacts, but against hard rains, snow, animal damage, the device body may not be enough. There is also a risk of stealing as trail cameras are usually left to secluded places.

Now let’s list the other important things in using the trail camera:

1- Do not remove the memory card while the device is switched on.

2- Do some practice at home before you place it on the land, so you learn the trail camera operating system.

3 – Do not use a battery that is absolutely charged. Charged batteries are weak and exhausted. The device waits in sleep mode unless there is movement within the range, so the battery life is long. Even the cheapest batteries sold in the grocery stores run at least 4-8 months depending on the number of shots. Of course, this is in photo mode, depending on the number of shots in video mode, it varies from 1 to 4 months. In addition, the life of the batteries is almost 2 times between summer and winter. In winter, the batteries run out more quickly.

4- Be careful against the risk of theft. Leave a note ” Please do not touch ” or ” this camera is being monitored by GPS ”.

5- The memory card must be at least 16 gb.

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