International trail camera competitions

Trail Camera Contest

The use of Trail cameras is becoming widespread worldwide. Previously used only in the detection of animal species, trail cameras are now subject to international competitions..

Trail cameras do not affect the natural behavior of animals and can work for months at the same place. Because of these features, spectacular images can be taken with trail cameras.

International competitions have been organized in recent years for the images taken with Trail cameras. Some of the award-winning images are taken by amateur users using simple devices.

Even for the simplest images, heavy, expensive equipment had to be used. You just had to wait for days in the camouflage tent to take a few photos or videos. You had to be very patient or lucky to get beautiful images.

With the use of Trail cameras, getting beautiful natural life images has become much easier. You’re setting up the Trail camera in a nice place. Now all the work is doing camera. You don’t even have to go to the trail cameras anymore.

Some photos taken by Trail cameras can be quite impressive. Some of the award-winning photographs in international competitions were shot by people using the camera as a hobby. You can participate in these competitions.

Trail camera award pictures in international competitions:

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3 thoughts on “International trail camera competitions

  1. You say: “Trail cameras do not affect the natural behavior of animals”. Unfortunately, this is not true because most people use an artificial attractant, like food. This causes very unnatural animal behaviors. There should be a movement to learn how to use the trail came without artificial attractants, like at natural watering sources or promising animal trails.

    Also, this article never pointed to any international contests. Where are they? I’ve never seen one.

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