The most preferred trail camera models and features

Trail camera light systems

According to the trail cameras lighting systems, there are two main groups:

1- Infrared trail cameras.

2- Flash trail cameras.

Most of the trail cameras on the market are mostly infrared models. Flash models are less preferred.

What are the differences between these two models?

The infrared model radiates invisible light, so it captures a large number of images without disturbing the animals. It does not affect the natural behavior of animals. For the light system to work efficiently, the trail camera must be correctly positioned. It is also very important that you know the technical features of the trail cameras. (How to use the Trail camera?) Battery life is much longer than flash models. But all night photos taken with an infrared trail camera become black and white. Below you can see several of the infrared night shots:

İnfrared :

Trail camera anatolian porcupine – İnfrared


Trail camera deer – Flash light

The only increment of flash models is that the photos taken at night are colored. But suddenly exploding flash causes fear and stress. The animal being photographed will run away quickly and it will not be possible to get a second image. Most of the time he will not use the same path again. Some animals can act shyly against infrared devices, but then get used to it quickly. You can even see animals that sometimes roll and play in front of the trail camera. For more information on this subject: Trail camera use according to animal species

Which of the infrared trail camera models should we choose?

This is primarily about your budget. (Best selling trail cameras) There are a lot of trail cameras in the market between $ 30 and $ 500.

First, let’s talk about branding. I can say that the most famous trail camera brand in the world is Bushnell. They have good quality and very different products. But like every popular product on the market, prices are quite high.

Are there any other trail cameras like Bushnell?

Yes, there are quality products from other brands at more affordable prices, if not a few things. For example there are brands like Suntek, Reconyx, Kaload. All cheap or expensive products have HD video and at least 8-12 MP shooting feature. Material qualities are close to each other. When we look at the capabilities on paper, there seems to be no difference between Bushnell and cheap models, but there are some differences when it comes to business use.

Narrow area is not much different between cheap and expensive models, but there are differences in long distance. For example, almost all of the trail cameras cover 15-20 meters in the user’s manual, but in the long run, cheap models are lagging behind Bushnell products. The motion sensors of the Bushnell models cover a wider area and operate more precisely. In addition, ” triggering ” features are faster. Knowing the techniques of trail camera placement can make up for the cheaper models. For more information on this subject: How to set up a trail camera?

If your goal is to shoot beautiful photos and videos of natural life, you can use cheap models. Cheap trail cameras can be used efficiently in narrow spaces such as trails and roads.

Trail cameras with higher image quality should be preferred for academic studies, documentary and scientific studies.

The purpose of using the trail camera is to use housing, warehouse, farm house, purity, garden etc. This is a completely different situation. For more information on this subject: How to setup a security trail camera?

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