What should be the best settings of the Trail camera?

Trail camera settings

Trail cameras shoot in 3 different modes: photo, video, photo and video (hybrid). The content of the work, the target types, the area you are going to set will affect your mode choice. Correct placement of the trail camera and adjustment to the target types is as important as choosing the correct mode. For more information on this subject: How to set up a trail camera? and Trail camera use according to animal species

Be sure to set the date and time together with the shooting settings. Some models have the option of writing the name or words you want under the photo.

Trail camera photo mode settings:

Trail cameras have a fixed view angle. Therefore, they may have difficulty in visualizing the animals that are rapidly passing through them. In some cases, the motion sensor may delay, resulting in a half or blank image.

If the interval setting is too long, the trail camera may go out of the target coverage area until it is re-engaged. If the interval setting is too short, the trail camera can make a lot of unnecessary shots. The ideal interval time in photo mode is 5 seconds. In addition, 3 series of photos per trigger allows you to get much better quality photos.

Trail camera video mode settings:

Video mode settings are more sensitive than photo mode settings. It is very important to make the right settings in this mode because the videos occupy more space in the memory and consume the battery much more.

Very short videos do not make much sense, and longer videos cause the memory to fill up and the battery to run out quickly.

In video mode settings, the information about the area where the trail camera is placed and the behavior of the target types are important. You can keep the video duration a little longer at a good transition point you’ve used before. However, if you place a trail camera in an area where you do not have experience, it will be more ideal to keep the duration of the interval and the duration of the videos short, since an area will primarily be the type detection and transition numbers of your destination.

For areas where you have experience, you can set the ideal interval time to 10-15 seconds and the video length to 30-40 seconds.

For an area where you will be working for the first time, the interval time is 5-7 seconds and the video length is 15-20 seconds.

Trail camera hybrid mode settings:

The Trail camera can be used in this mode to obtain both video and photo images, but the device will interrupt the video capture because it will do both jobs with a single lens. Sometimes the video is cut at the best spot and bad photos come in.

Video recording time for Hybrid mode should be 40-50 seconds. Photo must be single shot and range 10-20 seconds.

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