Trail camera use according to animal species

İdeal locations for the trail camera

The dimensions and behavior of the target types are of great importance for producing quality images. Therefore, the trail camera settings must be made correctly. For more information on this subject: What should be the best settings of the Trail camera?

For example, animals such as wolves and lynxes generally move very fast through the trail camera, while species such as bear, wild boar are slower. The weasel is a curious and brave animal, spending a lot of time in front of the camera, but species such as jackal, badger are more embarrassing.

It is very useful to use the smell in front of the trail camera. With chicken or meat bullion pet bottles to be dissolved in hot water, you can pour them on a log in front of the trail camera a few meters to stop the animals there for a while and give them beautiful images. The tree trunk absorbs the smell and makes it lasting for a long time.

Trail camera must always be on the road. Wild animals use the easiest way, like humans. Provides a smooth road, energy saving and quick access. Wild animals know it instinctively.

Large species such as wolves, bear, boar, lynx regularly use the same routes. The trail camera should be positioned at a 45 degree angle for good images.

For good video and picture you need to place the trail camera close to the floor.




This makes gender determination easier and details better observed. The ideal height for the summer months is 30-50 cm. In snowy areas, the height should be adjusted according to the highest snowfall level. Locate the site by examining the google earth images of the area you will work with.

The ideal locations for the trail camera are the points of intersection of several different mountain, hill-like places. You can participate in international trail camera competitions by choosing the best of the images you have. I would recommend reading the International trail camera competitions to see detailed information and award winning photos.

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